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Operations & Maintenance

Operations MaintenanceOperations Maintenance

Post commission, monitoring, operations and maintenance support with tailor-made O&M packages for seamless operation (Turnkey ) is also on offer. Apart from established processes and procedures for proactive and reactive (breakdown) maintenance, Meera offers 24×7 site surveillance support for very large solar farms. Smooth functioning is ensured using a remote monitoring system at meera’s HQ in Barmer Rajasthan, real-time plant technician support and a well-networked communication channel with transmission / grid operator and plant owners.

Meera Solar division Group has unique experience in all aspects of the power industry, from EPC to O&M of the solar power plants. O&M always strives to provide value-added services to its clients. O&M team members are highly experienced and skilled in providing quality and timely services to customers.

The O&M team has hands-on experience of working on more than 60 MW PV plants in India. Therefore, it would be appropriate here to mention that the team is completely aware of the effort required to manage solar plants and fully prepared to handle larger plant responsibilities. Some of the main services being offered by O&M to its customers include:

  • Plant monitoring (at string level) and recording data.
  • Documentation as per ISO 9001 Quality Standard.
  • Daily and monthly performance data reporting.
  • Scheduled and predictive maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Inspection and maintenance works at regular intervals.
  • Troubleshooting 24×7.
  • Liaising with state utility (EB) for JMR and billing support to customers.
  • Warranty and insurance claim management.
  • 24 x7 security management of solar plant.
  • Overall solar plant management at the operational level.
  • High pressure module cleaning system – site specific.
  • Specialized predictive maintenance on inverters.
  • Thermography report of all power panels and electrical system during predictive maintenance.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements as applicable
  • Operation of solar plant under SCADA if provided by the owner.
  • Services for taking over plant from EPC contractor/final acceptance test certification.
  • Training to plant owner engineers on solar plants.
  • +91 9413307770

  • kskanod@kanod.in